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Hire me!

If you’re looking for a developer who

  • is very flexible regarding programming languages,
    (preferences: Rust, TypeScript; also: C#, modern C++, Kotlin, Java, …)

  • great at robust CSS/SCSS and loves hands-on GUI work,
    (preferences: working directly with designers, HTML or Angular, WPF/XAML;
    interested in learning about unmanaged GUI programming)

  • efficiently writes precise and expressive documentation,
    and can break down complex topics into clear explanations (and can teach ad-hoc if needed),

  • cares about misuse-resistant API design, opportunistic modularisation,
    and also efficiency in coding, compilation and at runtime,

  • loves software design puzzles and will occasionally¹ come up with novel algorithms, data structures, protocols, synchronisation primitives, file formats or potentially other technical designs fine-tuned to your use-case,
    (¹ only when there’s no existing solution or remix that fits well, unless asked to.)

  • is relatively soft-spoken, easy to get along with, uses emoji a little bit more than average and writes code with human readers in mind,

then I may be a good fit for the position 👨‍💻

I’m looking for engaging and challenging work where I can push the boundaries of my own understanding and, ideally, of user freedom and what is feasible to implement. I’m quick on the uptake and have considerable transferable skills, so even in a new domain I should be good to go within a few weeks.

Here are some ideas for roles or positions that I think I’d shine in as-is:

  • framework developer,
  • tools developer (especially tools for creative work),
  • research-adjacent work (as I have some background in physics and am familiar with scientific methods),
  • development work that requires reading scientific papers or similar publications,
  • complex graphical application development,
  • high-performance or resource-constrained software

I speak German natively, am fluent in English (in speech and writing), understand written and spoken French (though I’m a bit too rusty at this point to correctly use it myself) and can read technical texts in Portuguese.

I’m a very fast reader and regularly skim the entire documentation of new technology I’m unfamiliar with, so that I can later look up specifics within seconds and use the right tool or pattern as each situation demands.

Availability (last updated: 2022-08-20)

  • I plan to start my next job somewhere in October through February.
  • I’m available in person in Hamburg (Germany) or, also internationally, remote, around 25 to 30 hours a week.
    • I don’t own and don’t plan to purchase a car, so if your office has a good connection from Altona, then colour me interested 🚉🚏
    • My schedule is flexible and I can match your time zone if necessary,
      except for speaking on calls between 9PM and 7AM CE(S)T.
  • I won’t work in arms industry or private financial sector, or mobile gambling.
    Health-care-related jobs are case-by-case, but if the focus is on research then do let me know, because that’s a field I’m curious about!


You can reach me via email at tamme@schichler.dev.
For a less abridged list of skills, see my LinkedIn or Xing profile.