Abstraction Haven

Rust RFC 3634: Scoped impl Trait for Type

I just posted my first Rust RFC to fix crate-crate composition. Here's the full initially submitted text for posterity.

Asteracea (as of right now) 🌼

A bird's-eye view of Asteracea, my frontend framework. Topics include semantic locality, efficient stateful and stateless components, named parameters, efficient VDOM double-buffering with drop-notifications, ….

Pinning in plain English

Pinning in Rust is a powerful and very convenient pattern that is, in my eyes, not supported well enough in the wider ecosystem. […] This post is my attempt to make the feature more approachable, to hopefully inspire more developers to make their crates pinning-aware where that would be helpful.

Intrusive Smart Pointers + Heap Only Types = 💞

Reducing API complexity with an embedded reference counter.


I'm leaving Hashnode. Here's why and how.

Cheese-olive dish

A snack sure-ish to make you more alert.

Some thoughts on Bubble

Examination of a "No Code" web development system.

Semantic FFI Bindings in Rust - Reactivating the Borrow Checker

I recently succeeded at writing a watch app for my old Kickstarter Pebble and made some discoveries in the process that may be interesting to others working on similar projects or FFI bindings in general.

Building non-containers with Docker and VS Code

I recently set up containerised builds for my website [It's not quite ready yet.] and thought I'd share the configuration for others to use as reference.