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A small glass bowl filled with with pieces of white brined cheese and olives, sprinkled with chili flakes and ground black pepper.

Cheese-olive dish

One of these days I’ll get a light box, but today is not that day.

I don’t only write software, so there will occasionally be other topics mixed in here.

Today’s is a super fast snack recipe that’s probably not super healthy (🧂),
but can get rid of sleepiness quite quickly.

Cheese-olive dish

A wake-up snack.

🟂 (very easy)2-3 min. at mostYes

Ingredients (1 serving)

semi-hard brined cheese180gSirene is the closest in English, I think.
This one is made from cow’s milk.
pitted green olives~65g?Don’t wash off the salt.
chili flakesjust a fewe.g. from pizza delivery,
because they always add too many if separate
ground black peppera little 


  • A sharp knife and small cutting board
  • An appetiser bowl


Cut the cheese into ~1.5cm cuboids and pile it and the olives up in the appetiser bowl.

Add a small amount of chili flakes just on top.

Finish with a bit of pepper to taste.


I don’t drink coffee, so to wake myself up if I’m really half-asleep, I like to go with (fresh or spicy preserved) produce.

The salt and tanginess do about equal work here, where the latter is concentrated in the upper layers and the lower ones will be a little more watery due to the olives’ and cheese’s moisture.

You’ll likely want to serve this unstirred with a small salad fork, and enough water nearby due to the high amount of salt in this dish. The effect is probably somewhat subjective too. I’m sensitive to tanginess, especially to pepper, so I didn’t have to add much in terms of spices. (I did add a tiny bit of salt extra, but I don’t think it made a noticeable difference.)

I don’t technically eat this regularly as such, since I don’t need this every day and rarely ever improvise the same dish twice if I do (beyond the general category), but this one turned out well and had the intended effect, so I’m sharing it here. You can substitute the olives with diced bell pepper or cucumber if you’d like a milder version.

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